The Unexpected

When you step out of your home and the door clicks shut you might think you know what the day will hold but life is full of the unexpected.

Today I thought I was going with some awesome Tots100 Bloggers to meet Liz Truss, the Minister with responsibility for Education and Childcare, to discuss the government’s proposals to reform childcare provision in the UK.  Instead, life with it’s twists and turns found me on a train when suddenly there was a whipping sound and a clunk on the roof, then another, then on the window.  I and my fellow passengers were looking at eachother for answers, I was holding onto the edge of my seat getting ready for some sort of impact. The lights went out, the engine cut out and then we slowly ground to a halt.  There was no impact, no derailment and thank goodness no-one was hurt.  Instead we waited and after an hour and a half of waiting we were evacuated from the train, walked along the train tracks to the nearest station and were eventually sent on our way on replacement buses.

Train passengers walking along the tracks

Broken overhead cable

I never made it to the Department for Education but as I sat marooned with my fellow passengers I was thankful I was going to make it home, even if the whole day had been a major pain in the proverbial.

You never know where life is going to take you next and if life decides to deal you a rough hand you hope that the people around you will be there to catch you, support you and help you.  If, like me, you are feeling lucky, thankful or grateful please take a moment to support some people who could use a helping hand today.

Help bring Alex home, read about “Making Waves For Alex” and help if you can.

Remember Matilda Mae and honour her memory by supporting Bliss and The Matilda Mae Precious Star Fund.

Or even…

Honk for Team Honk, sponsor the TeamHonk Snowdon Challenge or support MummyBarrow’s 25 Mile Cycle Ride.


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    So glad you’re safe! I’ve heard so much whining on facebook tonight from people leaving work at five and only making it home now, and I am quite glad my husband worked in Oxford today, but the most important thing is that nobody on your train got hurt, that you’re all making it home.

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    Oh what a lovely post to write off the back of a dreadful day of travelling and broken plans. Hubs was ranting about it last night. Must have been frustrating actually being on an affected train, but you’re so right, there are far worse things x

    • says

      Thank you. It is frustrating and my hubby has had a miserable journey in today but it helps to put these things into perspective.

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    Wow, how much worse could this have been? I love your philosophical attitude over the whole thing…..not annoyance that you didn’t make it to your intended destination.

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