Pizza Base Snowflakes

One of the themes of the children’s story Snowflakes by Cerrie Burnell and Laura Ellen Anderson is that everyone is beautiful and unique, just like snowflakes which all have individual patterns and structures.  We decided to make some beautiful snowflakes to accompany our reading. I try and keep as much of our rubbish or trash as it always comes in handy for junk modelling or craft projects and for this project the polystyrene pizza bases were perfect for making our own unique and beautiful snowflakes.

To make Polystyrene Pizza Base Snowflakes you will need:

  • Polystyrene pizza base(s)
  • PVA glue
  • Decorations such as sequins, pipe cleaners, tinsel, we even used cupcake cases
  • String or wool to hang the snowflakes up when they are dry
  • Pencil or scissors to make a hole for hanging your snowflake

Pizza Base Snowflakes

Firstly take your polystyrene pizza base and cover it with a generous amount of PVA glue. Once the pizza base is covered add your decorations such as sequins, pipe cleaners or glitter. Leave the snowflakes lying down to dry (don’t be tempted to hang them up to dry as all the glue will run and drip).  Once the glue is completely dry make small a hole in the polystyrene so that you can hang the decoration up.  We made several and hung them up in a chain. Each one was different but each one was beautiful. What do you think?

Pizza Base Snowflakes hanging in tree

We made a sequin snowflake, a tinsel pipe cleaner snowflake and even a snowflake made from cupcake cases!

Cupcake snowflake

These pizza base snowflakes are so easy to make and they look fantastic.

Sequin and Pipe Cleaner Snowflake

You can read more about the story that inspired us Snowflakes by Cerrie Burnell and Laura Ellen Anderson or discover some more snowy crafts and activities.


  1. says

    Such a cute idea. I’ve never even considered doing anything with pizza bases. I always chuck them out because I hate the sound they make LOL

    • says

      The bases are just bits of polystyrene that come in the packaging for pizzas I buy in the supermarket. If you don’t eat pizza or you are wonderful at making your own then you could just use a circle of white card :-)


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