Milk Carton Snowman Craft for Kids

There are so many wonderful crafts that could be inspired by reading The Snowman by Raymond Briggs but Burt (2 years old) particularly loves crafting with cotton wool at the moment so we decided to make our own fluffy snowman using a milk carton and cotton wool. Dipping the cotton wool in PVA glue was great fun and easy for a toddler to do but it did get pretty messy, so make sure you put newspaper down on the floor and the table to save yourself peeling PVA glue off surfaces for the rest of the week!

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs Milk Carton Snowman Craft For Kids

To make the Milk Carton Snowman you will need:

  • an empty milk carton
  • cotton wool balls
  • PVA glue
  • coloured card to make the nose, eyes, mouth and hat
  • creme fraiche pot (for hat)
  • scissors

Milk Carton Snowman What You Will Need

Pour a generous amount of PVA glue into an old margarine tub or similar container and then take one cotton ball and dip it in the glue, then place it anywhere on the milk container. Repeat this process until the whole milk carton is covered. We left the handle of the milk carton slightly exposed so that we could use it to hold onto when ‘flying’ the snowman around.

We left the milk carton and cotton wool drying overnight and then once all the glue was dry we cut out shapes from coloured card for the eyes, nose, mouth and hat. With some careful supervision Burt was keen to get cutting!

Milk Carton Snowman Cutting Out

You can add whatever details you like or if you don’t have any coloured card you could cut shapes from white paper and colour them in. We stuck a band of green card around a creme fraiche pot for the hat.

Milk Carton Snowman Sticking on Eyes

We have sat with our Milk Carton Snowman reading The Snowman by Raymond Briggs and also watching the film on DVD, which is still filled with all the magic I felt when I watched it as a girl (many years ago). There has also been lots of fun flying the snowman around the house and acting out scenes from the story, which are easy to imagine given the vivid illustrations in the book.

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs and snowman craft

You can read more about the story that inspired us The Snowman by Raymond Briggs or discover some more snowman crafts and activities.

Have you been inspired by a book to craft, go on an outing or do an activity this week?


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    Ahh I love this! I’m trying really hard to get my kids crafting more so this will definitely be going on the list :) x

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