Gardening with Kids: Explore, Discover and Grow

February is still a quiet time in the garden so now is a good time to do any hard landscaping and building new borders or beds.  It is also a good time to give the garden a general tidy-up before things get busy in March.  As much as I would love my little man to be busy constructing raised beds in the garden he is still a wobbly toddler and major construction projects are a little way off for him.  That doesn’t mean that he isn’t busy in the garden.  Wrapped up warm he has been able to explore, discover and grow in confidence and knowledge.

This week we found a fantastic small garden broom at a local garden centre so that the little man can help tidy up the garden.

We looked at the different sizes and colours of stones in the gravel.  Then someone popped them inside the watering can!

We haven’t quite got the hang of brushing up yet but it is good fun learning and trying.

We looked in things, on top of things and under things.  There is so much to investigate!

Then the sun came out to give us a rare moment of warmth.

Have you been out in the garden this week with your children?  Come and join in the Gardening With Kids Community on G+ and share your stories.  We are also joining in with the fantastic Country Kids linky from Coombe Mill and if you love sharing the outdoors with your little ones do visit the Country Kids Community on G+ too.


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      :-) I am real outdoors girl so we try and go outside every day but we can’t go for long at the moment as the little man refuses to wear gloves!

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    Lovely post, I love to see children gardening. I’ve recently caught the gardening bug and can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can spend more time out there.

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      The temperature is a real turn-off at the moment and we are due to get snow again this weekend! Fingers-crossed for a lovely March so we can get out there and get planting without fear of a hard frost!

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      My little man could spend hours out in our small garden just looking at stones, insects and digging. He has a little trowel and normally needs a change of clothes when he comes indoors but he has a fantastic time :-)

  2. Kate says

    I’m desperate to get back out on my allotment, but it’s either been too cold and frozen to dig, or we’ve been to germy. I starting to worry about how much work I’m going to need to do! Well done for getting out there and getting on with it!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

  3. Suzanne says

    Ah this is so cute! My OH is a keen gardener and he is pretty enthusiastic about the kids enjoying it too – raised beds, landscaping, veg in abundance! I’m not so keen…..will leave it to him I think!

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      You are lucky – my OH hasn’t got a clue but he is keen to learn so at least I have someone I can persuade to do the most strenuous digging and landscaping!

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    What a lucky boy. I love gardening but generally haven’t a clue what I’m doing! We only have a tiny courtyard so it’s all plants in pots and a constant war with vine weavil. I dream of being Barbara and living the “Good Life” in the countryside one day, but perhaps with a little less poo!

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      We are planning to grow potatoes in pots this year and keep things small as it is our first year and we are learning as we go. Thanks for popping over x

  5. Countryidyll says

    I’ve popped over, for the first time, from Mummy’s Little Monkey, Blow your own Blog horn.
    Love this post and the photos that come with it! It’s lovely how garden centres and shops now have a whole range of mini, forks, spades, buckets etc. for children. I am sure they motivate them to get involved and help mum and dad in the garden. Sadly, I have not done much in my garden for quite a number of years and I really need to get to grips with it. The veg plot needs digging over but it’s just too wet isn’t it? Made a start though today by sowing my tomato seeds in my heated windowsill propagator.
    Do pay me a visit at As another gardener, you will be very welcome!

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    Have just come here via country kids. Lovely blog and right up my street.i have done a few garden related posts and have just bought some pink fur apples to take part in a #spudoff which is just a bit of fun. Will be putting the post up in a couple of days with the link and there will be a bit of chitty chat there too!

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      ooh I will look out for that. Thanks for having a read. I am discovering some lovely blogs that share my interest in being outdoors with my son. I will add you to my Google Reader to keep track of your garden’s progress x

  7. Coombemill says

    Loving the little bush to inspire your budding helper. I have a green house that seriously needs some attention, perhaps we will get round to it for Country Kids next week!

    • Coombemill says

      Thank you for the lovely mention and for linking up. I’m off to join your G+ community too x

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    Lovely when you see their interest in the garden grow. My daughter regularly comes out with me and I’m impressed by how much she’s picked up. A few days ago I had my first proper garden recce since the tools went into hibernation and there’s so much to do! A bit overwhelming at the start! But I love it :)

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    what a great post Kirsty!! we have just moved to a house with a garden and not being much of a gardener myself , i still want the boys to plant something soon maybe a sunflower each or something, this post has given me some great tips thank you x x

  10. Sarah MumofThree World says

    Great to get them started young and just good to get out in the fresh air! I can’t say we’re very good at gardening of very keen gardeners in our family, but I’m always impressed by anyone who is! I do like cutting the grass though!
    Returning the favour and popping over from Blow Your Own Bloghorn :)

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  12. Aly says

    I can’t to have a garden of our own.My kids get to garden at my dad’s but it’s not the same as doing it in your own back garden.

  13. says

    Beautiful set of photographs! Get them started young, tis what I say! We planted a load of bulbs in the autumn, now if only the snow would oblige I could see if any have come up! 😀

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    I love that little broom! I am very bad about getting in the garden in the winter. It’s always so cold and muddy, and my littlest is still young enough that she often falls over in the mud and then cries so I have to take her indoors. We do have a lovely summerhouse though which is filled with toys that can keep them busy while I work outside. The vegetable patch is looking very overgrown and I really need to get out there and sort it out!

  15. says

    We have a vegetable patch. Last year Bob was too young to do anything other than steal the pea pods but I am hoping she will enjoy planting things this year. x

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